Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The dawn before the dawn

Surah Asr, The Time, says surely the human being is in a state of loss except those who believe, who do righteous deeds and preach truthfulness and steadfastness. I felt that the entire practical recipe of a seeker was summed up in this one verse... and of course felt so overwhelmed by its beautiful conciseness that I had to write about it,  :-), in a quite unconcise fashion

from a time of living
from a time of loving
from a time of giving

How did we transform
to a time
of self-destruction,
of neighbourly need rejection
of illusion that we know enough to be independent of oneness

dark days we have brought upon this sun rise,
so dark that they frighten even the night sky

its time to turn back the clock
to return from the brink of societal obliteration

begin with a belief that we are more than our individualities – does the cello supersede the orchestra
begin by practising the belief that our only preservation will be through doing righteous deeds
begin with a simple, yet immensely difficult, commitment to truth
and glue these altogether by steadfastness, in the face of tsunamis of temptation and cyclones of fear
stand your ground
stand for what you believe
and raise not just yourself
but the entire fabric of humanity

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Where indigo ends and violet begins, does even the rainbow know?
And who can separate the sun's outer rings from its ball of burning inferno?
Or would we be so bold to declare the exact point of transition from day to night?

Each of these are so definitive in their individuality yet so bonded in their expression,
Then how do we dare to isolate the Rabb from the Rasool
For the Rahmatalilalameen will not be without the Rabbilalameen
And the Rabbilalameen will not be known without the Rahmatalilalameen.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dear Day
  Should this moment pass and I feel never again the warmth of your sun's greeting
  How would I know that day had existed at all

Dear Night
  As the stars light up, should my light cease
  And the moon no longer navigates my time in the earthly world
  How would I know that it was only through darkness,
  That I was able to see the seas of distant suns

What of me will you, oh earthly world, remember
When my journey extends beyond this time and these heavens


Nothing save the memory of my deeds
The magnanimity of which will tell for how many generations
-If one even-
The yarns thereof will continue to be spun

There is no legacy worth leaving to this world
Except a legacy of mercy, actioned by deeds of giving
Giving of the worldly things
Giving of the knowledge of things
Giving of the love, kindness ad laughter
Giving in all its forms
Without bias
Without care of the recipient's worth
Unjudging, uncontrolling giving

For the sake of nothing but My Creator's
Mercy and Giving unto me

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Stand in your otherness
The colour of your skin, the roots of your religion
The balance of your possessions, the heritage of your people

Stand and embrace your differences but discard your divisions
See your existence and your universe for all its multiplicity
But discern its unity, its Oneness

Embrace it as parts of a whole,
Until the individualities dissolve
Into the completeness of its unification

And let your identity be not muslim or irish
White or even human
But simply an instrument of creation

And through every thought
Through every word and deed
Supplicate to Oneness

To the One
The Independent
The All-encompassing

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breaking Through

You made me of light, a reflection of your own
And I enshrouded it in a heart,
Secured it in a cage
And enveloping sinews.
I covered up in clothes
And retreated into a house of bricks and stones.

How many layers, how many moats have I built around my reality?

Too many - to even perceive that which is real.

Veils upon veils, till the light is dimmed, a murky memory that it is even there.

Seeing only the illusions of my coverings,
I have lost myself in this maya.
A quagmire of false aims.

Help me,
Free me,

To become luminous once again.


Close this heart, all that pours out are feelings of impunity.
Stop this mind, wreckless is it in its wield over my responses.
Narrow-minded is this reaction, seeking only sensory gain in a world that ought to be so much more.
To the fire it leads me, smouldering all that's wholesome that I have been given.
Knowing its destruction and power to overwhelm, this passion soars eating towards the egotistical desire -
Blinding, deafening, numbing the goodness that seeks to fight back from the soul.
No more logic, no more reason;
Only the barrenness of the self; conquering from within, then obliterating the life without.
Darkening the soul, veiling the vision, rendering me lost and grey in a world of hues.
The point of no return transcended, self repentance is denied by lustful self destruction.

But even in the forest obliterated by ravenous flames, a sprout can burst through the charred soil.
A plea for help can bring down the healing rains from the heavens
And belief in a nurturing, bountiful force, far greater than the inferno
Can bring hope to the scorched battleground.
And even when self-forgiveness seems beyond the horizon of self-reconciliation,
A mercy can extend to help germinate
From the lowest of the lows
A seed of inner beauty.

Light, Love, and Mercy
That knows no bounds can raise me from the seared ruins.

All I have to do -
Is ask.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


You can labour on the shore,
Observe the waves
And work out the best angle to dive
The correct amount of momentum to use
And how you will emerge once the crest has passed

But until you actually step in and take the plunge
You will not know the coarseness of the sand in your hands
The burning of your eyes as salt washes over it
The thrill of the crest crashing over your back
As your legs wave into the air
And the feeling of your head resounding from the coolness of the moving water

Controlling, planning, estimating, supposing and hypothesising
Is not living

Life is sensual - feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing
Life is being - choosing, experimenting, trying, succeeding, failing
Life is living - flamboyant, enthralling, unnerving, heart-rendering, confounding

Thoughts without action are life's untested theories

Let your being be an action, not just a thought
Let your diving be an experience, not just a dream

And let your life be infused with living and not just untapped potential

Friday, September 23, 2011

24 September is Heritage Day in South Africa. A country with such a beautiful kaleidoscope of cultures has much to celebrate on this day. 

My Mongrel Me

The lotus blooms as the home is blessed with a new born child
Lamps radiate and incense fragrances the air as the Hindu home celebrates a new life -
A perpetuation of it culture

Born on African soil the young girl embraces the drums and ululations of the land,
Sekunjalo ke Nako!
The tongue, dress and toil in the Zulu sun defines an African identity in the lotus child

With the teenage years comes a desire for westernisation
Burgers and Levi
Dances to the beats of hip-hop, RnB and soul

And as maturity begs questions of who we really are
Islam is an idealogical embrace

My mongrel me inherits from the riches of all the cultures that grace this land
A medley of languages, expressions, foods and dresses
But binding it all is the glue of our commonality:
Our morality, our need for friendship, our dignity in differences
And our love for diversity

Happy Heritage Day!

Written: 23 September 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I realise this is quite a harsh poem but when I learnt that Iblees was a muslim gone astray it made me stop and question my own islamicness. Its easy to call myself muslim, but was I really conducting myself as one or was I simply in a delusional state. It is hoped that when you read this poem you stop and question too.

He was a moslem - spending years in prayer supplicating to the One
Yet despite his claim to submission his belief was all but gone
Pride, jealousy, self elevation were the jewels that crowned his faith
And in that deterministic moment he refused to bow - instead he became irate
"I am of fire!", he claimed. Self-importance crowding his mind
Leaving no room for service to his Creator, he became deaf, dumb and blind.
Why does the Quran tell us this story? Is this the role model to which we've succumbed?
His was the character of one that went astray
Yet we emulate his characteristics as if it were the straight way
Pride, jealousy, self elevation are the jewels that crown our faith
Where is the need for Shaytaan in this world, when only our egos we satiate!

Written: 22 September 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hearts of men

Been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and its hard to imagine a movie that could move me more, (exaggeration noted), my favourite themes from the movie and favourite quote from Gandalf are encapsulated in the poem below.

when beauty starts to fade,
when winter's snowflake melts into forsaken ground
when drudge and drear stabs at this heart beckoning it to fear,
my breast will swell in agony 
my mind will shiver in the echoes of defeat
my tongue will seek to utter words of submission complete
but in my heart the belief of man's goodness will resonate
it will unleash a power from within that shakes off these fetters and bounds
Hope in truth
hope in an essence of good
hope in striving for something bigger and beyond ourselves
The times we live in is never a choice
but how we embrace it, how we honour this gift of life
will see us to a beauty beyond the fade,
a sprout on ground once hard with death
and a man once lost who is now found

Written: 16 September 2011

My Appeal to My Creator

Bless me with the clarity of soul to think with a clarity of vision
And grant me the strength of character to act in obligation to the enlightenment I might receive
For my thoughts without action is the lowest form of belief
Hence may I speak out when silence beckons a backdoor escape
And may I stand to be counted when running neuters the dignity of the righteous thought
But above all may I act in courage and tenacity
Honouring the knowledge of a rightful deed when apathy strays me from the accurate path

For ignorance is an illusive bliss
and inaction a repudiation of Your Beneficence

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tempering the Temperament

Perhaps my humanity is more than bipolar.
I pondered.

I questioned.

It's obvious.
I rationalised.

I hope.
I dreamed.

Yet, a labelised label haunts my very definition of me.
Eats into the fibres of my definitive demeanour,
Shackling my actions, shafting my thoughts
Into a quagmire of self analysis
That cannot really reveal anything analytical.

Still I have to stop, start seeing myself as more than a societal stigma.

Belief in a soul that is my reality, raises me above abysmal lows,
Lightening this burden.

Yet - I fear

And in fear, I find balance - a wild horse on reigns
Hoping to become a guided horse with direction.

Written: 10 September 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011


TS Elliot said, "You do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body."  This poem is inspired by these words and the sunnats of Ghaus e Azam (Radhi Allah ta ala anhu), RasulAllah (SalAllah hu alaihi wa sallam), and Hadrath Bilal (RadhiAllah ta ala anhu).

If I outstretch my arms and seek to praise You, would you not fill my cup of intoxication?
If I expand my breast to bear my heart, will you not embrace me in all Your Glory?
And if I unsheath my sword to celebrate You, would You not let me hail Your praise and proclaim it from the rooftops?

For am I not me unless I live of You,
And if I imbibe not Your energy and act of Your Will,
I will cease to be true.
For I will be of what I have and not of what I am.

Written 28 August 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Let the clouds drift by, I heed them not for I am in love.
Let the stone walls crumble, I fear them not for I am protected.
Let the waves ebb and flow, they wet me not for I am immersed.
Let my actions act, let my pen write, let my words utter,
Let my present simply be.
Render me unconscious of an unconscious state,
for i yearn to belong to Thee,
and the only way i can
is to not make a mine of me.

but stop fear overwhelms me, the whispers of a need for control plagues me
my faith weakens as I flounder in questions
doubt overcomes my desire for union

Then through the tumult a flicker flares,
this path may not be as easy as I had hoped yet neither is it impossible,
could I expect more from a war?
This battle I might have lost but I shall fight again … and maybe again
This dream of perfect submission shall remain an ambition until ambition is annihilated in total submission

Written 17 August 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Ramadaan Perspective: The Riches of the Poor

Ramadaan is a month of abstention and suppression of our worldly desires. Part of the lessons we should learn is what it feels like for those who don't have and to open our hearts and give, having experienced a semblance of their pain. Another learning point is to amplify our gratitude and our sense of obligation to Our Creator by experiencing what it would be like to not have His Bounties.

He gave me food in abundance
Yet instead of being grateful, I became wasteful
He let water flow freely whenever I was in need
Yet instead of being conservative, I made it impure
He gave me a heart and showered upon it mercy, kindness and love
Yet instead of opening it and sharing His bounties I became arrogant, deluding myself that I was a king amongst men

Yet you craved a slice but he gave you morsels and you praised Him for the nourishment of your being
Yet you cried in thirst and He gave you drops to obscure the dryness of your mouth and you prostrated for the gift of this pristine coolness
Yet He made your trials tough and still you shared your meagreness knowing and understanding the pangs of not having

And while He had knocked onto my door with all the treasures of Heaven, I ignored it and plunged myself into hellfire
And though He gave you perceivably less, you opened the door and your gratitude urged Him in
And now for your feet are the cloths of Heaven

Written: 9 August 2011, 9 Ramadaan 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kisses of Notes

Kisses of notes whetted my skin, tingled my senses, and I bobbed in rhyme,
But the dance was ephemeral and the music stopped.
Kisses of notes permeated through to the treasures of my heart and I met ecstasy:
We soared in a dance of flight,
I twirled with the gift of song,
And in its beauty,
In the sparkles of rhythym, I met the reality that is my Maker
And drank of the dance that is His Nourishment 

Written: 31 July 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silent Din

Oh silent noise inside my head, oh distractful din
Stop your whispers, your distractors
Your suggestive sin
I yearn for quiet solace
I plea freedom from your banter
There's a world out there that remembers and sings submission's song
Stop, oh silent noise inside my head
Oh distractful din
Stop your whispers, your distractors
Your suggestive sin
Let me resonate the music of creation's rhyme
Subjugate you, I must, to reach The Sublime

Written: 8 July 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011


"Stop!", I said. "Enter not this sanctum with me, you are not worthy."
Yet covertly, steadfast to purpose you stole in with feline stealth in search of your prey.
I knelt in desire of submission, but you whisked up your ugly visage,
And obliterated my quest for union.
O, hateful pride! Against you I wage war.
You pollute the pristine waters that was this heart.
For your distractions and destructive whispers, I summon you to battle.
My sword may fall but a willing captive I pray I will not be.

Written: 8 July 2011

Illusive Heaven and Hell

May we aspire to Your Bounty and drink of the rivers of Heaven
May we dread of Your Wrath and not cinder in the fires of Hell
And all the while may we remember Your Love and be guided by the infinite blessing that is Your Mercy
For Heaven and Hell are but detractors from our true purpose
And we shall only taste the honour of free men when we submit in love and gratitude
And act not out of intents of receiving or averting
But rather to celebrate Your Glorious Reality

This piece is based on a quote by Hadrat Ali, Radhi Allah Ta Ala Anhu,(note I could not verify this reference but liked the quote) : "There are people who worship Allah to gain His Favours, this is the worship of traders, while there are some who worship Him to keep themselves free from His Wrath, this is the worship of slaves, a few who obey Him out of their sense of gratitude and obligations, this is the worship of free and noble men"
Written: 8 July 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

African Son

The sinews that stitch this heart
Unmesh in agony at your plight
We are of one soil
Yet, dear brother; I did fail to fight
Our souls were lit from a common lamp
From One we came
To One we shall return
Yet our journeys diverged
When sides were drawn
The fence, our brotherhood, did not befriend
And you
Into your shame did plummet
You are my brother, I know that now
You are my brother
But while I yearn for your forgiveness
I cannot ask till I offset
This perpetuated wrong
And give you back your dignity, dear brother

Written: 21 June 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pillars and the Oil

I looked inside myself
And found my true essence was in eclipse
I stepped outside myself
And found my true essence was fighting to be known
I fought inside myself
To bring forth the truth that had been veiled
I forge forward outside myself
Sustained by the inner light that flickers dimly but stays alight
I merge the outer to the inner
The pillars illuminated by the oil
And amidst it all, I dream to drink of the Cup of Union

A Cold Spell

It was a cold winter's day
That I sought Your warmth
My fingers blue, my skin blistered
I yearned for the nurturing blanket You would wrap around me
Had that warmth come freely I would not have known its treasure
Had I drunk of Your sunlight without knowing this thirst
I would not have felt the resonance of Your Praise
From this trial sprang forth a desire for comfort
And when this relief upon my door knocked
In a brief moment all that existed was You
And all I could feel was the light, the warmth
The nurturing blanket of Your Mercy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Short Dissection of My Humanity

When I first became Muslim, I was very focussed on being muslim, defining myself as a muslim and presenting myself as a muslim, but with age, less religion and more spirituality perhaps I find myself questioning a more profound identity. I find myself reflecting on what it means to be human. It was after-all the gate to the city of knowledge[1], Hadrath Ali, Radhi Allah ta ala anhu, who said that there is a greater brotherhood and that is the brotherhood of mankind[2]. If this pivotal role model is considering himself above all else, not a muslim but a human being, shouldn't I be striving in a similar direction?

Now the more difficult question, what does it mean to be human? In my younger years, I had written a few poems trying to elucidate who I am, but even now it feels a little more complex than I am actually getting to grips with.

Recently however, I have begun grasping the concepts of Nur and Ruh. A poor translation for Ruh is the true self which links back to the Creator. An even weaker translation of Nur, is that energy or light that was first created by Our Creator.

The first of creation is the Nur of Muhammed, Sallalla hu alaihi wa sallum. All of creation stems from his Nur, which is the best of moulds. Humans then, with the introduction of nafs or ego are abased to the lowest of low and this is the fabric of An Naas or modern man. Incidently, Naas means one who has forgotten.

So maybe one definition of humanity, if I may draw from Surah Tin (chapter of the Quran entitled The Fig) is that man is one who has a Ruh. Ultimately, the Ruh is created from the Nur of Muhammed, Sallalla hu alaihi wa sallam. Acting against this Ruh, is a nafs or ego that bases him or her to a low such that he or she has forgotten his esteemed roots of creation. On an aside, gender correctness is driving me insane so I'm just going to use the masculine but imply both.

The purpose of mankind is to establish a relationship with his Creator and those that are amongst the most elevated in creation. Coupled with establishing these relationships is the need to suppress the nafs sufficiently and subsequently remember and renew the Ruh-centric relationship with one's Rubb.

Now it all sounds very neat and concise like an Oxford dictionary definition on paper, but oh if only it were so simple. Knowing a silhouette of a path and walking that path are two totally, almost completely foreign to each other things, and so am I discovering.

There is no “Idiot's Guide to Nafs Suppression” or “Unveil Your Ruh in 21 days” that you can read, follow and have your goals as a human being achieved. Instead, my naivety is painfully learning that it is difficult, convoluted, sometimes esoteric even. But every now and then I have this lightbulb that goes on in my head and I feel that I am not completely lost.

I love thinking, in fact, I used to muse that if I had a blog it would be, “Are you pondering what I'm pondering”, I eventually settled on ponderings because the former was taken but I digress. I was thinking about jealousy or envy and I was trying to relate it back to a relationship with Allah Subhana wa ta Ala.

It's something I try to do, define my actions in terms of building a relationship with my Rubb or Creator. Then the light bulb, by succumbing to jealousy what am I implying about my Rubb. Am I saying that the Most Just cannot discern or discriminate what is due to me or that the All Knowing, Most Wise cannot see what is due to me or even that the Most Powerful, Most Mighty cannot give me what is due to me.

Ma-azallah (Our Creator Forbid)! The thoughts jolted me sufficiently into realising that this very basic indulgence of the nafs can lead so readily to an absolute contravention of my Islamic beliefs.

So now to accompany the idealogy, I need to learn practically more about (in this instance) envy and not succumbing to it. This is not meant to be a post on the subject so I won't get into that aspect here, but I just merely want to re-emphasise the change in perspective.

By seeing, analysing and interpreting our actions in terms of a relationship with Our Creator we will gradually be clearing the murky waters of our nafs to reveal the pristine pureness of our Ruh which really is the point of this arduous journey we call life.

This article ends abruptly here because the concepts get too difficult to elucidate in a short piece as this and I am far from being an authority on the topic. If you are interested to learn more I will much rather suggest books by spiritual giants like Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani Radhi Allah ta ala anhu(Secret of Secrets is my favourite) or Imam Ghazali Radhi Allah a ala anhu (Alchemy of Bliss or Ilhya Ulum e Din).


  1. Tirmidhi, Kitaab al Fitan, Fine Qualities of Ali: hadith is hasan gharib
  2. Ali bin Abu Talib: Nahjul Balagha

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Sufi's Shariah

I veiled my head in hope of unveiling my Ruh
What began as an outward quest 
Uncurled to be an inward journey to what was true
Unsheathing my Sufi sword I wage the war
Each battle's honour - the hope of a glimpse of you
I began this journey as "I" began this poem
Only to realise there is no me nor I
The only reality is Nur

Written: 12 May 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walking a Known Path

Knowing the path and walking the path are two completely different things or so I am learning.

Guide my knowledge to the path of true spiritual enlightenment
I had asked
But how can I become enlightened
When I refuse to submit to the guidance
When I refuse to accept
That my life is moulded by a greater Potter
That my heartstrings are strummed by a greater Violinist
That my life's frescoes are painted by a greater Painter
That veilling my true self by a lesser ego,
Denies me constantly the imbibed nourishment of a truth that will see this world as more than being
Just about me

Written: 28 April 2011

Owning My Loaned Self

I stopped inside my head
To feel anything,
To appreciate anything.
Brain dead in a deathless society;
Deathless because there is no life worthy to lose by death,
No colour to fade away from this canvas,
Just pain, agony, hurt without hope of healing,
Darkness without hope of illumination.

This is a life of self reliance,
Of belief that I can control, that I can provide.
In the end all I can do is submit to simply be without being
For having refused to submit to become.

Written: 28 April 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BMD - Bipolar Mood Disorder

Being bipolar has been an uphill battle towards acceptance of the illness. Just dealing with the diagnosis is a rollercoaster ride of its own, but I am grateful for where I've been because I can now look back and be even more grateful for where I am now. Although when I was in the throes of the illness, I would not have believed the Quranic verse but now I know that if I am steadfast or at least strive to be, after great calamity does come greater relief. (Surah 94)

OK, you're bipolar
Correction, I'm bipolar
(Just now they'll think I'm schizo as well)
One mental ward down
Who knows how many to go
  A time bomb
I guess
  Will it explode
I hope not
  What's the purpose of this poem
I haven't figured out yet

These are just thoughts
I love thoughts
They are my gateway to the universe
And Beyond
(Buzz light Year Copyright)

But they give freedom I can't know in this world
Escape from who I am
Who am I?
A lost soul trying to negotiate through fog
Have you ever tried to see in fog
The best you can do is trust your intuition
My intuition is a manic

But pity me not
I go through life with a sword in each hand
Tearing through a battlefield teeming with the enemy
And I am still alive

You're just you

Written during a particularly low point in November 2008, Alhumdullilah it does come to pass

Monday, April 11, 2011

Teardrops from Heaven

I have a fascination with the gift of rain, one of Our Creator's greatest bounties.... hence the poem

Send me teardrops from Heaven on days when all of mine have dried.
When the pen refuses to ink the page
And all that I feel is a void.

Send me teardrops from Heaven to let me feel the comfort.
The soothing, gentle wetting of my skin
To guide me through the desert.

Send me teardrops from Heaven, so I'll know that someone's watching.
In a world where all is lost and alone,
Let me build my hope in Heaven

Send me teardrops from Heaven, send me teardrops from Heaven.
For then I'd have a part of Heaven in my world
And my world will become one with Heaven.

Written: 22 December 2008

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The XX Twist

We're moody, we know
Five minutes to shower takes an hour, we know
We get angry too quickly, we control too easily
Grey hairs are a no-no, kids bounce us around like a yo-yo

We know.

We know!

But inside us is a heart that soars with the gentle breeze
A mind that is mindful of paying more than just school fees
We care about the world and act in the context of our families
Threaten those we love and see a pushover kitten transform into a lion

No, we are not perfect - we don't strive to be
No, we are not feminists - for the world needs balance

But we are guided by our hearts
We are reminded of the need for mercy, love and soulful care as we raise and nourish the joys that passaged through our wombs

We act in a man's world
But we live in a women's world

For the heart of a women cannot sustain except
In the world of a women

And in our living, and in our loving, in our un-understood craziness
We forge ahead with a prayer of guidance from the Lord of All Worlds

For HE -

Written: March 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

A few thoughts to think about

Putting these thoughts in point form really makes me feel like I think too much, but I wanted to share this with you and hope it will stimulate a bit more discussion and comments on the blog. These were written during the course of 2010.

1. With every breath we breathe in towards life and out towards death;
Let me rejoice that I am living,
Rather than despair that I am dying.

2. The water that has the gift of quenching thirst also has the power to drown

3. You cannot discipline a child into following religion, rather nurture the heart and give them the wings to blossom into it

4. No one is lost, some of us just fail to see how we are being guided

5. Be free because you are not free

6. If Islam was in books, Abu Hakam(became Abu Lahab) would be the Nabi

7. To see the splendid beauty around you, you must first unmask the heart to the discerning beauty within

8. Geotropism and phototropism are both pivotal for the tree to flourish

9. When fear and grief equate to ecstasy and gratitude, you know you have been found.

10. Life is a gift but love is a responsibility for you can never truly embrace the gift of life without the experience of love

11. Salman Farsi (Radhi Allah ta ala anhu) is my Makkah and Ayeesha Siddiqa (Radhi Allah ta ala anha) is my Medina

12. Potential is always subservient to the Will of our Creator.

13.  Heaven is when the eye through a lens of Ruh, sees a universe of Nur.

14. Information overload keeps enlightenment in the hands of a few. This is a stranglehold on power over the masses. Through knowledge that unites the heart and the mind in proper balance, we shall find liberation from illusion.

15. Like the earth, the oyster must look inward for its jewel, similarly must we.

16. How much we can learn from the banana that allows its skin to blacken and blemish with ease, yet carefully protects the nourishing fruit within.

17. Its far more worthwhile to polish the receptacle rather than the received.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ghaus e Azam (The Great Spiritual Axis)

Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) is known as the Sultan of Saints. This poem was written to commemorate Egyarwee Shareef, which is the 11th of each Islamic month. This day was set aside each month for him to avail himself to those who sought his help.

Five years outside Baghdad, you did plunger on
Fighting your nafs, banning the whispers anew,
Giving impetus to the riches of your Ruh.
Like a perfectly blooming flower,
You rose in stature in the gaze of your Rubb
Till the day was dawn, you became a perfect abd.
Abd al Qadir is your name
May He be pleased with you, we praise.
In gratitude, we seek comfort under your cloak
You are our axis, our Ghaus.
We look to you remembering your love,
your loyalty, your nurturing force.
Your Qaseeda we balance on our lips,
While in our hearts in tears of comfort we do confide,
Knowing that your promise is to keep by our side.

Written 10 Rabi al Thani, 15 March 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Balancing the Imbalance

If I look to you, I see a world of hopelessness
Tragedy and loss in a world of unfairness
If I look to your plight, I ask why
How can a God of Mercy be so harsh
Are you not of His creation, worthy of His bounty
Yet, if I look at me, I see only His Mercy
His Bounty
I feel blessed, gratitude for the magnamity of His Giving
I need nothing more, I want nothing more
How can the world be so double-edged, so imbalanced
Till I realise, that He gave me all to not need
But He gave you, me
For my bounty is not mine, but a trust
To take what I need and to give what I can
For my giving is His Giving and my mercy is His Mercy
And in my actions will be His Justice

Written: February 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonder Land

Up to now the posts have had a strong spiritual basis, I have decided to take a break from the spiritual stuff for a while and put up some of the more general poems as well as maybe some that may be classed as bipolar poetry(yes such a class does exist, and yes there is a website to prove it)

I want to sit upon the shores and wonder why the waves ebb and flow
I want to close my eyes and let the wind kiss my cheeks as it whispers hello
I want to curl up inside of me and cry because the world is so grim
I want to open up my heart and soul and feel the rhythm soar within

All this to do in a world that does not seem to understand
They want to live by their watches, their dimes and their office
How they make my Wonder Land so BLAND

Written: 23 December 2008

Friday, February 18, 2011

Relationships with Our Rasul (S.A.W)

This snippet is based on an exploration of our relationship with our Nabi (S.A.W) in the context of developing a relationship with our Rubb(Creator). It is based on an Islamic teaching that you will not know your Rubb unless you know yourself.

To understand my creation,
I must look to you
For you were the first.
To understand my direction,
I must look to you
For you are the purest.
But to understand my end,
I must look to myself
For while you give me context
I will not understand The Ultimate
Without understanding me
And I will not draw to the Ultimate
Without a realisation and unveiling
Of the self that binds to you.

Written: 16 Feb 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


At 17, I was, like many teenagers, very confused and feeling quite lost. I then came up with the formulae of Think, Question, Answer. It's something the rationalist in me holds on to even now. If we never think, we will never question and if we never question, we will never find answers.

Deeper and deeper,
my searching spirit plunges into an abyss of uncertainty
Will I ever stop falling - 
only time will tell
and in that time I can only grope,
probe this blanketed darkness
Think, question, answer
find myself
find me
The person behind this mask,
This face, is that only.
A face - character unknown,
But then what is character:
Man's innate ability to copy others?
Is it something acquired, something born?
Is my character me, or who I think is me?
Questions, questions
I'm falling
Drowning in this void, this confusion
I've got to hold on 
Find ground
Find who I am
I got to
I must
Think, Question, Answer

Written: 1995

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Time to be Grateful

I am grateful for my imperfections, for they teach me humility
I am grateful for the unwieldiness of my thoughts for they teach me restraint
I am grateful for the wrong for it teaches me discernment
I am grateful for the temporal for it teaches me endurance
From the negative, we can realise the positive if we seek within ourselves to find our True Sustainer and His Purpose for our lives.

If we were perfect, we would never learn humility and that would render us imperfect.

Take me back

A few years ago, we visited Palestine. It was a heart-rendering experience, that even in poetry it is difficult to capture.

In a hefty silence, we walked out with a melancholic gait.
But as our backs turned the corner we knew our hearts had stayed behind.
In this land of Ruh, in this sacred ground;
How could we just leave and not feel the need to expound
Our longing to return even as we had just left.
It was more than of our hearts that we would be bereft.
Today weeks later, the longing still stirs.
Masjid Al Aqsa again in my thought appears.
Is it to my heart that I wish to hasten.
It is really for the Heart that this crevice of longing deepens.
Take me back, take me to the warmth of the light.
Take me back, take me soon to the land of Nur

Written 16 May 2009

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to the Wilde:The Importance of Being Human

Perfection is my imperfection
Or at least the desire to be such
But what is perfection
Is our need to perfect our humanity
Simply making it imperfect
For our very imperfection leads us to perfection
But again what is perfection
Or even what is humanity
And more so is it important to be human
Questions probing, probing questions
Yet answers evaporate as seamlessly as if it had never been there
Have you ever tried to grasp on to steam
And hold it in your hands?
Yet close your eyes, let yourself free and it effortlessly condenses
On your lips, your face, your very you
That is perfection
Perfection is letting go
Giving yourself the freedom to be you
And in that liberation
Giving flight to your soul
Your inner beauty swells, erupts and soars
The more you experience and learn from you
The more you perfect yourself
Eventually it becomes pure Ruh

Written: November 2008

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iman for Islam

Wait I said, I'm not ready to leap
Jump! You echoed Time waits not for the undecided.
Will you ever be ready? You plungered on.
Have We not given you so much reason to trust?
Leap? I questioned. But that would mean I would be relinquishing all control.
Believe! I affirmed, You have never given me reason to distrust.
I jumped, and You caught me, raising me from the lows of my tumbles.
I believe! I reaffirmed.
Trust came from past experiences,
But certainty came from jumping.

Written: 24 December 2010

A Mercy to All Creation

When the day was lost,
When all else was tossed;
You opened your heart, your hands, your voice,
And for my sake compromise was no choice.
I hold on to your mantle, a grateful gravitation,
For I know till this world's end, your dhikr will be for my salvation.
A mere morsel in a world so vast,
Yet your mercy extends to the last.
A gift from Our Creator you were from the start,
Helping us all to play our part
In this universe with which He us did entrust
So that we may learn to love, believe and be just.
With you as our guide, our nafs we must deny,
For the unveiling will be worth more than Heaven can provide.
Now with this knowledge a responsibility I cannot ignore
For you have taken me to my Ruh's shore.
To continue this journey a witness I must become
In thought, deed and word, I must succumb.
Yet even as I strive your mercy will mean,
I will be guided and helped for you are Rahmatallil ala meen

Written: 20 December 2010

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Return

As these guided hands couple,
I raise my heart but lower my head
To ask of You that which You already know.
My eyes gaze at the floor, my lips quiver
In nervousness of making a request.
But my heart leaps,
Soars to the loving openness of a relationship that precedes Time's test.
For while this man's body is of one who has forgotten
This true self is from one that remembers and yearns for union.

Written 27 Nov 2010

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Resonant Praise (Alhumdolillah)

I live awake yet I sleep,
Blinded by the veils of my ego.
My consciousness of an incorrect self
Rendering me unconscious in an illusive realm.
How do I awaken to a truth that unveils my veils?
I open hands to plead for an opening of my heart:
My submission begins by an admission that my will is not my will.
I cup hands to ask more of you than these humbled hands can ever contain,
Yet I know Your Mercy will give more than I even begin to contemplate to ask.

Written: 22 Nov 2010