Monday, February 28, 2011

Balancing the Imbalance

If I look to you, I see a world of hopelessness
Tragedy and loss in a world of unfairness
If I look to your plight, I ask why
How can a God of Mercy be so harsh
Are you not of His creation, worthy of His bounty
Yet, if I look at me, I see only His Mercy
His Bounty
I feel blessed, gratitude for the magnamity of His Giving
I need nothing more, I want nothing more
How can the world be so double-edged, so imbalanced
Till I realise, that He gave me all to not need
But He gave you, me
For my bounty is not mine, but a trust
To take what I need and to give what I can
For my giving is His Giving and my mercy is His Mercy
And in my actions will be His Justice

Written: February 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonder Land

Up to now the posts have had a strong spiritual basis, I have decided to take a break from the spiritual stuff for a while and put up some of the more general poems as well as maybe some that may be classed as bipolar poetry(yes such a class does exist, and yes there is a website to prove it)

I want to sit upon the shores and wonder why the waves ebb and flow
I want to close my eyes and let the wind kiss my cheeks as it whispers hello
I want to curl up inside of me and cry because the world is so grim
I want to open up my heart and soul and feel the rhythm soar within

All this to do in a world that does not seem to understand
They want to live by their watches, their dimes and their office
How they make my Wonder Land so BLAND

Written: 23 December 2008

Friday, February 18, 2011

Relationships with Our Rasul (S.A.W)

This snippet is based on an exploration of our relationship with our Nabi (S.A.W) in the context of developing a relationship with our Rubb(Creator). It is based on an Islamic teaching that you will not know your Rubb unless you know yourself.

To understand my creation,
I must look to you
For you were the first.
To understand my direction,
I must look to you
For you are the purest.
But to understand my end,
I must look to myself
For while you give me context
I will not understand The Ultimate
Without understanding me
And I will not draw to the Ultimate
Without a realisation and unveiling
Of the self that binds to you.

Written: 16 Feb 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


At 17, I was, like many teenagers, very confused and feeling quite lost. I then came up with the formulae of Think, Question, Answer. It's something the rationalist in me holds on to even now. If we never think, we will never question and if we never question, we will never find answers.

Deeper and deeper,
my searching spirit plunges into an abyss of uncertainty
Will I ever stop falling - 
only time will tell
and in that time I can only grope,
probe this blanketed darkness
Think, question, answer
find myself
find me
The person behind this mask,
This face, is that only.
A face - character unknown,
But then what is character:
Man's innate ability to copy others?
Is it something acquired, something born?
Is my character me, or who I think is me?
Questions, questions
I'm falling
Drowning in this void, this confusion
I've got to hold on 
Find ground
Find who I am
I got to
I must
Think, Question, Answer

Written: 1995

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Time to be Grateful

I am grateful for my imperfections, for they teach me humility
I am grateful for the unwieldiness of my thoughts for they teach me restraint
I am grateful for the wrong for it teaches me discernment
I am grateful for the temporal for it teaches me endurance
From the negative, we can realise the positive if we seek within ourselves to find our True Sustainer and His Purpose for our lives.

If we were perfect, we would never learn humility and that would render us imperfect.

Take me back

A few years ago, we visited Palestine. It was a heart-rendering experience, that even in poetry it is difficult to capture.

In a hefty silence, we walked out with a melancholic gait.
But as our backs turned the corner we knew our hearts had stayed behind.
In this land of Ruh, in this sacred ground;
How could we just leave and not feel the need to expound
Our longing to return even as we had just left.
It was more than of our hearts that we would be bereft.
Today weeks later, the longing still stirs.
Masjid Al Aqsa again in my thought appears.
Is it to my heart that I wish to hasten.
It is really for the Heart that this crevice of longing deepens.
Take me back, take me to the warmth of the light.
Take me back, take me soon to the land of Nur

Written 16 May 2009

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to the Wilde:The Importance of Being Human

Perfection is my imperfection
Or at least the desire to be such
But what is perfection
Is our need to perfect our humanity
Simply making it imperfect
For our very imperfection leads us to perfection
But again what is perfection
Or even what is humanity
And more so is it important to be human
Questions probing, probing questions
Yet answers evaporate as seamlessly as if it had never been there
Have you ever tried to grasp on to steam
And hold it in your hands?
Yet close your eyes, let yourself free and it effortlessly condenses
On your lips, your face, your very you
That is perfection
Perfection is letting go
Giving yourself the freedom to be you
And in that liberation
Giving flight to your soul
Your inner beauty swells, erupts and soars
The more you experience and learn from you
The more you perfect yourself
Eventually it becomes pure Ruh

Written: November 2008

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iman for Islam

Wait I said, I'm not ready to leap
Jump! You echoed Time waits not for the undecided.
Will you ever be ready? You plungered on.
Have We not given you so much reason to trust?
Leap? I questioned. But that would mean I would be relinquishing all control.
Believe! I affirmed, You have never given me reason to distrust.
I jumped, and You caught me, raising me from the lows of my tumbles.
I believe! I reaffirmed.
Trust came from past experiences,
But certainty came from jumping.

Written: 24 December 2010

A Mercy to All Creation

When the day was lost,
When all else was tossed;
You opened your heart, your hands, your voice,
And for my sake compromise was no choice.
I hold on to your mantle, a grateful gravitation,
For I know till this world's end, your dhikr will be for my salvation.
A mere morsel in a world so vast,
Yet your mercy extends to the last.
A gift from Our Creator you were from the start,
Helping us all to play our part
In this universe with which He us did entrust
So that we may learn to love, believe and be just.
With you as our guide, our nafs we must deny,
For the unveiling will be worth more than Heaven can provide.
Now with this knowledge a responsibility I cannot ignore
For you have taken me to my Ruh's shore.
To continue this journey a witness I must become
In thought, deed and word, I must succumb.
Yet even as I strive your mercy will mean,
I will be guided and helped for you are Rahmatallil ala meen

Written: 20 December 2010

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Return

As these guided hands couple,
I raise my heart but lower my head
To ask of You that which You already know.
My eyes gaze at the floor, my lips quiver
In nervousness of making a request.
But my heart leaps,
Soars to the loving openness of a relationship that precedes Time's test.
For while this man's body is of one who has forgotten
This true self is from one that remembers and yearns for union.

Written 27 Nov 2010

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Resonant Praise (Alhumdolillah)

I live awake yet I sleep,
Blinded by the veils of my ego.
My consciousness of an incorrect self
Rendering me unconscious in an illusive realm.
How do I awaken to a truth that unveils my veils?
I open hands to plead for an opening of my heart:
My submission begins by an admission that my will is not my will.
I cup hands to ask more of you than these humbled hands can ever contain,
Yet I know Your Mercy will give more than I even begin to contemplate to ask.

Written: 22 Nov 2010