Monday, February 14, 2011


At 17, I was, like many teenagers, very confused and feeling quite lost. I then came up with the formulae of Think, Question, Answer. It's something the rationalist in me holds on to even now. If we never think, we will never question and if we never question, we will never find answers.

Deeper and deeper,
my searching spirit plunges into an abyss of uncertainty
Will I ever stop falling - 
only time will tell
and in that time I can only grope,
probe this blanketed darkness
Think, question, answer
find myself
find me
The person behind this mask,
This face, is that only.
A face - character unknown,
But then what is character:
Man's innate ability to copy others?
Is it something acquired, something born?
Is my character me, or who I think is me?
Questions, questions
I'm falling
Drowning in this void, this confusion
I've got to hold on 
Find ground
Find who I am
I got to
I must
Think, Question, Answer

Written: 1995

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