Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to the Wilde:The Importance of Being Human

Perfection is my imperfection
Or at least the desire to be such
But what is perfection
Is our need to perfect our humanity
Simply making it imperfect
For our very imperfection leads us to perfection
But again what is perfection
Or even what is humanity
And more so is it important to be human
Questions probing, probing questions
Yet answers evaporate as seamlessly as if it had never been there
Have you ever tried to grasp on to steam
And hold it in your hands?
Yet close your eyes, let yourself free and it effortlessly condenses
On your lips, your face, your very you
That is perfection
Perfection is letting go
Giving yourself the freedom to be you
And in that liberation
Giving flight to your soul
Your inner beauty swells, erupts and soars
The more you experience and learn from you
The more you perfect yourself
Eventually it becomes pure Ruh

Written: November 2008

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