Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take me back

A few years ago, we visited Palestine. It was a heart-rendering experience, that even in poetry it is difficult to capture.

In a hefty silence, we walked out with a melancholic gait.
But as our backs turned the corner we knew our hearts had stayed behind.
In this land of Ruh, in this sacred ground;
How could we just leave and not feel the need to expound
Our longing to return even as we had just left.
It was more than of our hearts that we would be bereft.
Today weeks later, the longing still stirs.
Masjid Al Aqsa again in my thought appears.
Is it to my heart that I wish to hasten.
It is really for the Heart that this crevice of longing deepens.
Take me back, take me to the warmth of the light.
Take me back, take me soon to the land of Nur

Written 16 May 2009

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