Friday, March 18, 2011

A few thoughts to think about

Putting these thoughts in point form really makes me feel like I think too much, but I wanted to share this with you and hope it will stimulate a bit more discussion and comments on the blog. These were written during the course of 2010.

1. With every breath we breathe in towards life and out towards death;
Let me rejoice that I am living,
Rather than despair that I am dying.

2. The water that has the gift of quenching thirst also has the power to drown

3. You cannot discipline a child into following religion, rather nurture the heart and give them the wings to blossom into it

4. No one is lost, some of us just fail to see how we are being guided

5. Be free because you are not free

6. If Islam was in books, Abu Hakam(became Abu Lahab) would be the Nabi

7. To see the splendid beauty around you, you must first unmask the heart to the discerning beauty within

8. Geotropism and phototropism are both pivotal for the tree to flourish

9. When fear and grief equate to ecstasy and gratitude, you know you have been found.

10. Life is a gift but love is a responsibility for you can never truly embrace the gift of life without the experience of love

11. Salman Farsi (Radhi Allah ta ala anhu) is my Makkah and Ayeesha Siddiqa (Radhi Allah ta ala anha) is my Medina

12. Potential is always subservient to the Will of our Creator.

13.  Heaven is when the eye through a lens of Ruh, sees a universe of Nur.

14. Information overload keeps enlightenment in the hands of a few. This is a stranglehold on power over the masses. Through knowledge that unites the heart and the mind in proper balance, we shall find liberation from illusion.

15. Like the earth, the oyster must look inward for its jewel, similarly must we.

16. How much we can learn from the banana that allows its skin to blacken and blemish with ease, yet carefully protects the nourishing fruit within.

17. Its far more worthwhile to polish the receptacle rather than the received.

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