Friday, June 24, 2011

African Son

The sinews that stitch this heart
Unmesh in agony at your plight
We are of one soil
Yet, dear brother; I did fail to fight
Our souls were lit from a common lamp
From One we came
To One we shall return
Yet our journeys diverged
When sides were drawn
The fence, our brotherhood, did not befriend
And you
Into your shame did plummet
You are my brother, I know that now
You are my brother
But while I yearn for your forgiveness
I cannot ask till I offset
This perpetuated wrong
And give you back your dignity, dear brother

Written: 21 June 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pillars and the Oil

I looked inside myself
And found my true essence was in eclipse
I stepped outside myself
And found my true essence was fighting to be known
I fought inside myself
To bring forth the truth that had been veiled
I forge forward outside myself
Sustained by the inner light that flickers dimly but stays alight
I merge the outer to the inner
The pillars illuminated by the oil
And amidst it all, I dream to drink of the Cup of Union

A Cold Spell

It was a cold winter's day
That I sought Your warmth
My fingers blue, my skin blistered
I yearned for the nurturing blanket You would wrap around me
Had that warmth come freely I would not have known its treasure
Had I drunk of Your sunlight without knowing this thirst
I would not have felt the resonance of Your Praise
From this trial sprang forth a desire for comfort
And when this relief upon my door knocked
In a brief moment all that existed was You
And all I could feel was the light, the warmth
The nurturing blanket of Your Mercy