Monday, August 29, 2011


TS Elliot said, "You do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body."  This poem is inspired by these words and the sunnats of Ghaus e Azam (Radhi Allah ta ala anhu), RasulAllah (SalAllah hu alaihi wa sallam), and Hadrath Bilal (RadhiAllah ta ala anhu).

If I outstretch my arms and seek to praise You, would you not fill my cup of intoxication?
If I expand my breast to bear my heart, will you not embrace me in all Your Glory?
And if I unsheath my sword to celebrate You, would You not let me hail Your praise and proclaim it from the rooftops?

For am I not me unless I live of You,
And if I imbibe not Your energy and act of Your Will,
I will cease to be true.
For I will be of what I have and not of what I am.

Written 28 August 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Let the clouds drift by, I heed them not for I am in love.
Let the stone walls crumble, I fear them not for I am protected.
Let the waves ebb and flow, they wet me not for I am immersed.
Let my actions act, let my pen write, let my words utter,
Let my present simply be.
Render me unconscious of an unconscious state,
for i yearn to belong to Thee,
and the only way i can
is to not make a mine of me.

but stop fear overwhelms me, the whispers of a need for control plagues me
my faith weakens as I flounder in questions
doubt overcomes my desire for union

Then through the tumult a flicker flares,
this path may not be as easy as I had hoped yet neither is it impossible,
could I expect more from a war?
This battle I might have lost but I shall fight again … and maybe again
This dream of perfect submission shall remain an ambition until ambition is annihilated in total submission

Written 17 August 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Ramadaan Perspective: The Riches of the Poor

Ramadaan is a month of abstention and suppression of our worldly desires. Part of the lessons we should learn is what it feels like for those who don't have and to open our hearts and give, having experienced a semblance of their pain. Another learning point is to amplify our gratitude and our sense of obligation to Our Creator by experiencing what it would be like to not have His Bounties.

He gave me food in abundance
Yet instead of being grateful, I became wasteful
He let water flow freely whenever I was in need
Yet instead of being conservative, I made it impure
He gave me a heart and showered upon it mercy, kindness and love
Yet instead of opening it and sharing His bounties I became arrogant, deluding myself that I was a king amongst men

Yet you craved a slice but he gave you morsels and you praised Him for the nourishment of your being
Yet you cried in thirst and He gave you drops to obscure the dryness of your mouth and you prostrated for the gift of this pristine coolness
Yet He made your trials tough and still you shared your meagreness knowing and understanding the pangs of not having

And while He had knocked onto my door with all the treasures of Heaven, I ignored it and plunged myself into hellfire
And though He gave you perceivably less, you opened the door and your gratitude urged Him in
And now for your feet are the cloths of Heaven

Written: 9 August 2011, 9 Ramadaan