Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Let the clouds drift by, I heed them not for I am in love.
Let the stone walls crumble, I fear them not for I am protected.
Let the waves ebb and flow, they wet me not for I am immersed.
Let my actions act, let my pen write, let my words utter,
Let my present simply be.
Render me unconscious of an unconscious state,
for i yearn to belong to Thee,
and the only way i can
is to not make a mine of me.

but stop fear overwhelms me, the whispers of a need for control plagues me
my faith weakens as I flounder in questions
doubt overcomes my desire for union

Then through the tumult a flicker flares,
this path may not be as easy as I had hoped yet neither is it impossible,
could I expect more from a war?
This battle I might have lost but I shall fight again … and maybe again
This dream of perfect submission shall remain an ambition until ambition is annihilated in total submission

Written 17 August 2011

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