Friday, September 23, 2011

24 September is Heritage Day in South Africa. A country with such a beautiful kaleidoscope of cultures has much to celebrate on this day. 

My Mongrel Me

The lotus blooms as the home is blessed with a new born child
Lamps radiate and incense fragrances the air as the Hindu home celebrates a new life -
A perpetuation of it culture

Born on African soil the young girl embraces the drums and ululations of the land,
Sekunjalo ke Nako!
The tongue, dress and toil in the Zulu sun defines an African identity in the lotus child

With the teenage years comes a desire for westernisation
Burgers and Levi
Dances to the beats of hip-hop, RnB and soul

And as maturity begs questions of who we really are
Islam is an idealogical embrace

My mongrel me inherits from the riches of all the cultures that grace this land
A medley of languages, expressions, foods and dresses
But binding it all is the glue of our commonality:
Our morality, our need for friendship, our dignity in differences
And our love for diversity

Happy Heritage Day!

Written: 23 September 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I realise this is quite a harsh poem but when I learnt that Iblees was a muslim gone astray it made me stop and question my own islamicness. Its easy to call myself muslim, but was I really conducting myself as one or was I simply in a delusional state. It is hoped that when you read this poem you stop and question too.

He was a moslem - spending years in prayer supplicating to the One
Yet despite his claim to submission his belief was all but gone
Pride, jealousy, self elevation were the jewels that crowned his faith
And in that deterministic moment he refused to bow - instead he became irate
"I am of fire!", he claimed. Self-importance crowding his mind
Leaving no room for service to his Creator, he became deaf, dumb and blind.
Why does the Quran tell us this story? Is this the role model to which we've succumbed?
His was the character of one that went astray
Yet we emulate his characteristics as if it were the straight way
Pride, jealousy, self elevation are the jewels that crown our faith
Where is the need for Shaytaan in this world, when only our egos we satiate!

Written: 22 September 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hearts of men

Been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and its hard to imagine a movie that could move me more, (exaggeration noted), my favourite themes from the movie and favourite quote from Gandalf are encapsulated in the poem below.

when beauty starts to fade,
when winter's snowflake melts into forsaken ground
when drudge and drear stabs at this heart beckoning it to fear,
my breast will swell in agony 
my mind will shiver in the echoes of defeat
my tongue will seek to utter words of submission complete
but in my heart the belief of man's goodness will resonate
it will unleash a power from within that shakes off these fetters and bounds
Hope in truth
hope in an essence of good
hope in striving for something bigger and beyond ourselves
The times we live in is never a choice
but how we embrace it, how we honour this gift of life
will see us to a beauty beyond the fade,
a sprout on ground once hard with death
and a man once lost who is now found

Written: 16 September 2011

My Appeal to My Creator

Bless me with the clarity of soul to think with a clarity of vision
And grant me the strength of character to act in obligation to the enlightenment I might receive
For my thoughts without action is the lowest form of belief
Hence may I speak out when silence beckons a backdoor escape
And may I stand to be counted when running neuters the dignity of the righteous thought
But above all may I act in courage and tenacity
Honouring the knowledge of a rightful deed when apathy strays me from the accurate path

For ignorance is an illusive bliss
and inaction a repudiation of Your Beneficence

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tempering the Temperament

Perhaps my humanity is more than bipolar.
I pondered.

I questioned.

It's obvious.
I rationalised.

I hope.
I dreamed.

Yet, a labelised label haunts my very definition of me.
Eats into the fibres of my definitive demeanour,
Shackling my actions, shafting my thoughts
Into a quagmire of self analysis
That cannot really reveal anything analytical.

Still I have to stop, start seeing myself as more than a societal stigma.

Belief in a soul that is my reality, raises me above abysmal lows,
Lightening this burden.

Yet - I fear

And in fear, I find balance - a wild horse on reigns
Hoping to become a guided horse with direction.

Written: 10 September 2011