Friday, September 23, 2011

24 September is Heritage Day in South Africa. A country with such a beautiful kaleidoscope of cultures has much to celebrate on this day. 

My Mongrel Me

The lotus blooms as the home is blessed with a new born child
Lamps radiate and incense fragrances the air as the Hindu home celebrates a new life -
A perpetuation of it culture

Born on African soil the young girl embraces the drums and ululations of the land,
Sekunjalo ke Nako!
The tongue, dress and toil in the Zulu sun defines an African identity in the lotus child

With the teenage years comes a desire for westernisation
Burgers and Levi
Dances to the beats of hip-hop, RnB and soul

And as maturity begs questions of who we really are
Islam is an idealogical embrace

My mongrel me inherits from the riches of all the cultures that grace this land
A medley of languages, expressions, foods and dresses
But binding it all is the glue of our commonality:
Our morality, our need for friendship, our dignity in differences
And our love for diversity

Happy Heritage Day!

Written: 23 September 2011

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