Friday, September 16, 2011

Hearts of men

Been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and its hard to imagine a movie that could move me more, (exaggeration noted), my favourite themes from the movie and favourite quote from Gandalf are encapsulated in the poem below.

when beauty starts to fade,
when winter's snowflake melts into forsaken ground
when drudge and drear stabs at this heart beckoning it to fear,
my breast will swell in agony 
my mind will shiver in the echoes of defeat
my tongue will seek to utter words of submission complete
but in my heart the belief of man's goodness will resonate
it will unleash a power from within that shakes off these fetters and bounds
Hope in truth
hope in an essence of good
hope in striving for something bigger and beyond ourselves
The times we live in is never a choice
but how we embrace it, how we honour this gift of life
will see us to a beauty beyond the fade,
a sprout on ground once hard with death
and a man once lost who is now found

Written: 16 September 2011

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