Thursday, September 22, 2011


I realise this is quite a harsh poem but when I learnt that Iblees was a muslim gone astray it made me stop and question my own islamicness. Its easy to call myself muslim, but was I really conducting myself as one or was I simply in a delusional state. It is hoped that when you read this poem you stop and question too.

He was a moslem - spending years in prayer supplicating to the One
Yet despite his claim to submission his belief was all but gone
Pride, jealousy, self elevation were the jewels that crowned his faith
And in that deterministic moment he refused to bow - instead he became irate
"I am of fire!", he claimed. Self-importance crowding his mind
Leaving no room for service to his Creator, he became deaf, dumb and blind.
Why does the Quran tell us this story? Is this the role model to which we've succumbed?
His was the character of one that went astray
Yet we emulate his characteristics as if it were the straight way
Pride, jealousy, self elevation are the jewels that crown our faith
Where is the need for Shaytaan in this world, when only our egos we satiate!

Written: 22 September 2011

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