Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tempering the Temperament

Perhaps my humanity is more than bipolar.
I pondered.

I questioned.

It's obvious.
I rationalised.

I hope.
I dreamed.

Yet, a labelised label haunts my very definition of me.
Eats into the fibres of my definitive demeanour,
Shackling my actions, shafting my thoughts
Into a quagmire of self analysis
That cannot really reveal anything analytical.

Still I have to stop, start seeing myself as more than a societal stigma.

Belief in a soul that is my reality, raises me above abysmal lows,
Lightening this burden.

Yet - I fear

And in fear, I find balance - a wild horse on reigns
Hoping to become a guided horse with direction.

Written: 10 September 2011

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