Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breaking Through

You made me of light, a reflection of your own
And I enshrouded it in a heart,
Secured it in a cage
And enveloping sinews.
I covered up in clothes
And retreated into a house of bricks and stones.

How many layers, how many moats have I built around my reality?

Too many - to even perceive that which is real.

Veils upon veils, till the light is dimmed, a murky memory that it is even there.

Seeing only the illusions of my coverings,
I have lost myself in this maya.
A quagmire of false aims.

Help me,
Free me,

To become luminous once again.


Close this heart, all that pours out are feelings of impunity.
Stop this mind, wreckless is it in its wield over my responses.
Narrow-minded is this reaction, seeking only sensory gain in a world that ought to be so much more.
To the fire it leads me, smouldering all that's wholesome that I have been given.
Knowing its destruction and power to overwhelm, this passion soars eating towards the egotistical desire -
Blinding, deafening, numbing the goodness that seeks to fight back from the soul.
No more logic, no more reason;
Only the barrenness of the self; conquering from within, then obliterating the life without.
Darkening the soul, veiling the vision, rendering me lost and grey in a world of hues.
The point of no return transcended, self repentance is denied by lustful self destruction.

But even in the forest obliterated by ravenous flames, a sprout can burst through the charred soil.
A plea for help can bring down the healing rains from the heavens
And belief in a nurturing, bountiful force, far greater than the inferno
Can bring hope to the scorched battleground.
And even when self-forgiveness seems beyond the horizon of self-reconciliation,
A mercy can extend to help germinate
From the lowest of the lows
A seed of inner beauty.

Light, Love, and Mercy
That knows no bounds can raise me from the seared ruins.

All I have to do -
Is ask.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


You can labour on the shore,
Observe the waves
And work out the best angle to dive
The correct amount of momentum to use
And how you will emerge once the crest has passed

But until you actually step in and take the plunge
You will not know the coarseness of the sand in your hands
The burning of your eyes as salt washes over it
The thrill of the crest crashing over your back
As your legs wave into the air
And the feeling of your head resounding from the coolness of the moving water

Controlling, planning, estimating, supposing and hypothesising
Is not living

Life is sensual - feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing
Life is being - choosing, experimenting, trying, succeeding, failing
Life is living - flamboyant, enthralling, unnerving, heart-rendering, confounding

Thoughts without action are life's untested theories

Let your being be an action, not just a thought
Let your diving be an experience, not just a dream

And let your life be infused with living and not just untapped potential