Tuesday, October 4, 2011


You can labour on the shore,
Observe the waves
And work out the best angle to dive
The correct amount of momentum to use
And how you will emerge once the crest has passed

But until you actually step in and take the plunge
You will not know the coarseness of the sand in your hands
The burning of your eyes as salt washes over it
The thrill of the crest crashing over your back
As your legs wave into the air
And the feeling of your head resounding from the coolness of the moving water

Controlling, planning, estimating, supposing and hypothesising
Is not living

Life is sensual - feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing
Life is being - choosing, experimenting, trying, succeeding, failing
Life is living - flamboyant, enthralling, unnerving, heart-rendering, confounding

Thoughts without action are life's untested theories

Let your being be an action, not just a thought
Let your diving be an experience, not just a dream

And let your life be infused with living and not just untapped potential

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