Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The dawn before the dawn

Surah Asr, The Time, says surely the human being is in a state of loss except those who believe, who do righteous deeds and preach truthfulness and steadfastness. I felt that the entire practical recipe of a seeker was summed up in this one verse... and of course felt so overwhelmed by its beautiful conciseness that I had to write about it,  :-), in a quite unconcise fashion

from a time of living
from a time of loving
from a time of giving

How did we transform
to a time
of self-destruction,
of neighbourly need rejection
of illusion that we know enough to be independent of oneness

dark days we have brought upon this sun rise,
so dark that they frighten even the night sky

its time to turn back the clock
to return from the brink of societal obliteration

begin with a belief that we are more than our individualities – does the cello supersede the orchestra
begin by practising the belief that our only preservation will be through doing righteous deeds
begin with a simple, yet immensely difficult, commitment to truth
and glue these altogether by steadfastness, in the face of tsunamis of temptation and cyclones of fear
stand your ground
stand for what you believe
and raise not just yourself
but the entire fabric of humanity

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Where indigo ends and violet begins, does even the rainbow know?
And who can separate the sun's outer rings from its ball of burning inferno?
Or would we be so bold to declare the exact point of transition from day to night?

Each of these are so definitive in their individuality yet so bonded in their expression,
Then how do we dare to isolate the Rabb from the Rasool
For the Rahmatalilalameen will not be without the Rabbilalameen
And the Rabbilalameen will not be known without the Rahmatalilalameen.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dear Day
  Should this moment pass and I feel never again the warmth of your sun's greeting
  How would I know that day had existed at all

Dear Night
  As the stars light up, should my light cease
  And the moon no longer navigates my time in the earthly world
  How would I know that it was only through darkness,
  That I was able to see the seas of distant suns

What of me will you, oh earthly world, remember
When my journey extends beyond this time and these heavens


Nothing save the memory of my deeds
The magnanimity of which will tell for how many generations
-If one even-
The yarns thereof will continue to be spun

There is no legacy worth leaving to this world
Except a legacy of mercy, actioned by deeds of giving
Giving of the worldly things
Giving of the knowledge of things
Giving of the love, kindness ad laughter
Giving in all its forms
Without bias
Without care of the recipient's worth
Unjudging, uncontrolling giving

For the sake of nothing but My Creator's
Mercy and Giving unto me