Monday, January 16, 2012


I dared to believe -
In buttercups and raindrops
In clouds shading a sky of stars, planets and worlds anew
In rivers curling and forging to oceans expansive and blue

I dared to believe in ecosystems so divergent,
Yet intertwined in crests and ebbs of dependencies and antagony
I dared to believe,
In the beauty of smiles
In the poignance of hearts
In courage and honour

Please dare to believe
In the harmony of creation's orchestra
In the necessity of individuality ripening to the fruition of interdependence and inter-reliance
So that we may become the parts
Heightened to a whole
Gratified by not the escalation of some through the trouncing of others

But by the raising of all through a system of nurturing, love, forgiveness and giving

And then - there will be no need to believe
For certitude through our efforts will tantalise our senses,
Infuse into our sinews,
And open our hearts to our
True reality

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