Monday, February 27, 2012


Scores and scores of decades have passed
And the sword of the great Lion
Sits in a museum untouched, unswung.
But understand this well,

The sword of Ali(RA) will continue to be unsheathed!

There are some that reject him for justice is a thorn
That sticks in their side-
These are those that hate him too much.
And there are some that claim love but cast his allegiance and values by-
These are those that love him too much

Then there are some that understand that
honouring him
endearing him
defending him

Means standing up for truth, justice and integrity

It is amongst these that
Zulfiqar continues to be lifted
And it is by these
That Zulfiqar
Will continue to be swung


If I dared to embrace my own vision
Then would I be denying myself
Of the All-Knowing's vision unto me

And if I dared to act in fear or favour of what might or might not be
Then would I really be able to engage this moment, these words or these deeds
With the full conviction of honouring truth, steadfastness and righteousness

Can I ever truly become all I am meant to be
If experiences of the past
Haunt and hinder a full endearment to the moment at hand

For to be fully present, in this atom of time, this action, this uttered word
I can only represent myself in honour of the traits of the One
And with the belief that the moment's momentum
Will be reciprocated by the pledge of the One

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tears warm the eyes, infusing life into deadened skin

Running till your lungs burn and your heart beats out your back
Shocks your body into remembering you're still alive

And when every corner claims a space

And when every space claims a time

Just scream to remember
your mind still thinks,
Your muscles still flex
And your heart still feels

For what is life but a test

Embrace it!

Let it break you, for it will

And let it build you - for it can

and let it show you that there's craziness in organisation
freedom in submission
and beauty in even the greatest of monstrosities

And then you will find
Understanding in Abstraction



 in obscurity

I had quite a politically inappropriate title for this poem, but chickened out cos I didnt want to pollute the minds of younger readers or more sensitive folk, but if I've roused your interest then maybe you will work it out

(life's a b!!!!, s@@g it).
 If you didn't get it, be grateful your mind is not like the rest of us.