Sunday, March 18, 2012

Disclaimer for the next three posts

The three posts below were written on a Sunday a few weeks ago on the eve of Egyarwee Shareef, 11 Rabi 'al Akhir.

After writing on Sunday night, I decided to try and act out the teachings I was professing to support in the poems below. Being Egyarwee Shareef, the day set aside by Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani, for accessing his mercy and giving, I thought it was an ideal time to walk the proverbial walk. The reality is I fell flat on my face. The day went well but I became mentally and emotionally weary by the afternoon. I also got really upset when people did not reciprocate my efforts to be kind and generous.
The lesson I learned is being merciful to the merciless is an end goal. There is a process to be followed for some of us. I need to be able to understand mercy, accept mercy, respect mercy and endorse mercy in small steps which culminate in an end goal, or at least that's the plan for now...wish me luck!

First Post is not quite a poem, more of a convoluted thought...

Could I worship money, without knowing what it was or what it would be to have money;
And could I desire to want money without knowing what money is?

How then can I profess to worship my God without knowing what He is?
And if I may only know Him by His characteristics, how can I claim to worship Him without an intrinsic understanding of what it means to possess those characteristics?
And how can I know what it means to possess those characteristics without actually striving in the path of those characteristics?

So how can I worship the Most Merciful without knowing mercy and how can I know mercy without trying to be merciful?
And if I want to worship the Most Merciful, I can only really start with trying to be merciful.

I owe it not to anyone but myself and not for anyone but my own salvation to be merciful,
For that is the only sure step to supplicating to the Most Merciful.


As we give our pennies to the penniless
And our food to the hungry
As we give our knowledge to the uneducated,
Give your forgiveness to the unforgiving,
And your mercy to the unmerciful,
And give of your heart to the heartless

For it is only through our giving that they will understand these gifts
And it is only through understanding that they will perceive its value
And it is only in perceiving its value that they will worship it as the signature of the Absolute.

Surah Asr

Truth stands apart as truth - it is exclusive not inclusive.
And steadfastness stands together encompassing all words and deeds, it is inclusive not exclusive.
And righteous deeds require supplication to the exclusivity of truth and the inclusivity of steadfastness And belief is the ability to do what is righteous solely for the sake that it is righteous;
And your claim to being righteous is exclusively true,
And your desire to be truthful is inclusively steadfast.

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