Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A moment is a moment, is a moment
And in that moment, a new life gasped its first breath
A light went out in a faded heart
A crisp dawn greeted a planet somewhere
While an old sun said sleep tight as it slid beyond the horizon
A gas explosion sustained the luminance of a star in the night sky
And a rain drop touched the earth with heaven's footprint

The moment, so infinitismally small, it is immeasurable
Yet so expansively pervading, it is immeasurable

And each moment so unwittingly unifying to all of creation for having acted simultaneously in Time's instant
And Time's omnipresence through all of the spatial world bears testimony to the moment's experience
Yet remains completely submitted to folding into the next moment's momentum
Without fear or grief of what it might entail

And it is by this experiencer of every moment's uttered word, thought and deed
That the oath is given for humanity's salvation
For it is time itself that shall bear the benchmark of our steadfastness to truth
And our truthfulness of righteousness
And our righteousness in belief


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