Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hunger Games: The Reality Show

I recently watched the movie Hunger Games. Its repulsiveness, shook my foundation but also made me question, where am I or we really heading.

I'm angry
But more than angry,
I am hurt
And more than hurt,
I am afraid

I look at this world,
This testament of the Creator's creation
And wonder, how will it testify against me

On the day when all souls stand to be reconciled
Will the tree whose branches I cut,
Say, "I gave her shade, yet she slashed my fruit-bearing arms"

Will the employee I chided stand to defend my salvation
When I enslaved her by not giving her a wage sufficient to sustain her hungry mouths
And will the grounds that I place my head on in prostration say,
"She claims to be a moslem, but has not the heart or actions of a believer"

For while I revelled in all the priveleged blessings that total the experiences we call, life;
Can I really say, I've forgiven enough, been merciful enough, shared enough and loved enough
To lived beyond this life.